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Template Post Template Post Template Post Template Post. CMS is a real social media content management. The social hub is outside the range of other sharing solutions, including all plug-ins in a handy package. Looking for an installation / personalization service? Damian - Source: JED AutoTweet saves time Functionality: This product can automatically tweet and post for you. To a Facebook Company Page Content stream generated in m/Joocial Beyond simply auto-posting, Auto Tweet NG PRO provides the right tools to curate content in the publishing process: filters and rules, RSS Feeds grabber, periodic Cron Job (Scheduled Task content re-scheduling and integration with over. In a nutshell: AutoTweet main features Control Panel An operative dashboard to have a quick view of your social media actions. In a real life scenario, a publisher can create a new content item and define the social impact, associating media attributes.

Extension to automate and curate content publishing from Joomla! To Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. AutoTweet NG PRO solves social networks integration with an extensive feature set to empower Joomla extensions ecosystem. For cheap and reliable coins, Fast Delivery Checkout Enter code for 5 off!

To have a first approach on how the autotweet generator process works, please check the following tutorial: Tutorial: How to AutoTweet from Joomla in 5 minutes How to Auto Tweet from Joomla in 5 minutes - Online Web Presentation AutoTweet and Joocial extensive list. Also use it to capture content from RSS feed and reformat it into articles. Content Source Integrated extensions Joomla Content Joomla Weblinks On new user AdsManager Agora Pro BT Property CMGroupBuying Cobalt CommunityBuilder DJ-Classifieds floryday coupon code DOCman DT Register EasyArticles EasyBlog EasyDiscuss EasySocial Event Manager EventBooking Eventlist Fabrik FAQ Book FlexiContent HikaShop hwdmediaShare IProperty JCalPro JComments JDownloads JGive JomEstate Jomres JomSocial. It brings all features for auto-posting, social publishing (agendas, evergreens, scheduling, etc) and an innovative mobile application, the Composer App. You can also recommend us to check and develop the plug-in. Extly Extensions AutoTweet NG PRO is the most powerful Joomla! AutoTweet NG PRO solves social networks integration with an extensive feature set to empower Joomla extensions ecosystem. Ease of use: Pretty straightforward, but involves lots of settings. Article and a post is published to a social network ( Facebook ( Requires. Ecosystem hub for social networking. On the other hand, Joocial has all AutoTweet features plus advanced features for social management. 39, autoTweetNG PRO - 6-month Subscription 72, autoTweetNG PRO - 1 year 66, joocial - 6-month Subscription, requirements.