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Discount store (shop offering goods at lower prices) ( anglicisme ) magasin discount Wal-mart and Kmart are well-recognized American discount stores. Discount sth (deduct from price) ( dduire du prix ) faire une rduction/remise/ristourne de, faire un rabais de loc v prp accorder une remise de loc v prp, the restaurant discounted 10 from the bill. Synonyms: deduction, reduction, allowance, rebate, decrease, more. Verbe du 1er groupe - Le verbe parler est transitif direct et transitif indirect et intransitif. Discount sth (finance) ( Finance ) escompter The bond trader discounts the face amount when"ng prices. Le verbe devoir peut se conjuguer la forme pronominale : se devoir, le verbe devoir se conjugue avec l'auxiliaire avoir devoir au fminin devoir la voix passive devoir la voix passive fminin, imprimer. Welcome to the Grand Canyon. 40 discount for second same family either class 5-finger discount a 60 discount a bulk discount prix discount ask for a discount cette version express de lenseigne discount considerable discount Consortia discount Discount (invoice) discount both items Discount channel discount code discount coupons Discount.