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Gryffindor Book Caf will be operated within the University zone amongst the University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney, in Broadway. Community the business must be environmentally friendly, and will provide recyclable takeaway containers. Consequently, this may not only protect the environment, but also reduce operating expenses. Additionally the business must continue to monitor the changing trends in society in order to provide the goods and services that customers want and be able to change. A suggestion box positioned behind the counter would be available for all staff to insert ideas as they work, which will be discussed in meetings. Company Strengths Well-known products in Australia Recognized franchise Offering bakery bakes Specialty coffee roasting, coffee retailing and coffee training Easy accessible location Starbucks bijoutier code promo Starbucks is an international corporation, which is the leading premium coffee caf in the world, with more than 23 branches locates. Hence, the caf will be in close proximity to its target market.