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at the nature of trench warfare that they found, in such contrast to the conditions on the Eastern Front and the dilapidated state of the Westheer. A short bombardment was over-ruled by Haig and Allenby's artillery commander was promoted out of the way and replaced by Major-General. On the fall of Singapore in February, 1942, the Battalion was ordered to Madras at short notice. The decision to patrol towards the red line, was left to the discretion of divisional commanders.

Third Army Headquarters then issued memoranda, drawing attention to certain aspects of the plan. The smaller area of operations at Cambrai and the growth of the RFC meant that more aircraft could be allotted to each task than in Flanders. The division found that their new positions were overlooked by the British front line, 600700 yd (550640 m) beyond the outposts, behind which were lines K1K3 and then an intermediate position ( Zwischenstellung ). Intensive training was now carried out, all with the idea of repelling Jap landings. In October, 1805 the regiment embarked for Germany arriving in January, 1806 and occupying cantonments until February when they returned to England. In September they embarked at Portsmouth on secret service. Artillery liaison officers were appointed down to infantry brigades and battalion and company officers were told to keep close to artillery Forward Observation Officers. The Battle of Cambrai showed continuity with the previous Franco-British offensives in 1917. Baker-Carr and other writers. The Prince of Wales commenced his military career this year having been appointed as Colonel on the Staff of the Curragh Division. Troops attacking the first objective, were ordered not to fix bayonets until the barrage commenced, to increase the possibility of surprise. XIV Corps held a conference of divisional commanders on 14 June and Cavan emphasised the importance of using the new manuals (SS 135, SS 143 and Fifth Army document.G.