what is coupon rate

call moves out-of-the-money, the more bullish the strategy becomes. Back This is the date on which an annuity becomes effective. The actual value at exercise may vary. Back Cash Proceeds The amount of cash you hold after an order to exercise and sell stock options executes and after the exercise cost, commissions, fees, and any taxes that are due as a result of the order have been deducted. Example: Long 1000 XYZ at 120 Short 10 Call XYZ 125 Long 10 Put XYZ 115 Back The total number of settled shares you own for a security as of the date and time displayed. Back cats/tigrs See Certificate of Accrual on Treasury Securities (cats) or Treasury Income Growth Receipts (tigrs). Securities are restricted if the they were acquired in the following manner: A transaction not involving a public offering. During a DVP/RVP transaction, there are periods of time during settlement when a change in market value will display for a security. The measure ranges from a -1 to 1 (or from -100 to 100 with a measure of 1 indicating that the two markets move together 100 of the time. A 5,000 minimum equity deposit is required in addition to the debit or credit requirement.

If the amount is preceded by a plus sign, the last price is better than the standard session close. Back Covered Put An options strategy in which an investor writes a put option and simultaneously holds a short position in the underlying stock. For example, for stock XYZ currently trading at 50, buying 100 shares of XYZ, selling an XYZ 55 call, and buying an XYZ 45 put creates a collar. Back Correlation Correlation is a statistical measure of how movement in one market reflects movement in another. Termination of certain of the rights and interests of the bondholders and of their lien on the pledged revenues or other security in accordance with the terms of the bond contract for an issue of securities. Estimated values are calculated using the previous business day's closing price minus the grant price, multiplied by the depicted field (e.g., exercisable options, unvested options, etc.) or zero, whichever is greater. Back Cash (Debit or Credit) for When Issued Stock When an account holds a when-issued stock, a settlement date hasn't been identified.