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- 12 Months.32 per month 35 Discount. 1Choose Your VPN Plan, secure Checkout, all our plans are covered by 100 Money-Back Guarantee for within 14 days of service. Plus - 6 Months.15 per month 35 Discount.

Plus - 1 Month.45 per month 35 Discount. With the little snippet below you can hide the coupon field on the checkout page if there is already a coupon code applied to the cart. WooCommerce shows a coupon field on the cart page and a notice and coupon field on the checkout page. Billed.95.95 every 6 months. This way you can build brand awareness or get more customer reviews. Billed.95.45 every month. This could be confusing for your customers as they think they need to enter the coupon code twice. I applying coupon via URl. Coupon codes are certainly a way to generate more traffic and conversions. Billed.95.95 every 12 months.

The other option is to change the javascript from a click action to a page load action. Well love to hear from you! I am trying to make this show automatically on the page load. On my website the checkout page containing "Have a coupon?