i owe you valentines day coupon

to fill in with any other ideas you had for your coupon book! She treasures the book and was amazed by the product. Get started now, i gave the book to my spouse as an anniversary gift and they loved it! I admit we both cried together as he got very emotional. One home cooked dinner with dessert Completely Free.

Especially in lean financial times, when diamonds and a weekend at a resort aren't feasible, love coupons can be a sort of romantic IOU, spreading the feeling of love and devotion long past February. Stack the front and back covers with the pages together like a book, making sure all the coupons are facing the right direction. Back Massage, foot Rub, neck Massage, scalp Massage. My girlfriend read it and was crying halfway through, she loved Read More it! How Do You Want Me? One night out with the girls/boys while I babysit.

Ill be using lovebook again. I heard about LoveBook from a friend. Also excellent support and feedback when I was afraid that my Read More package was lost. But most of all, Im a DIY junkie. And you dont have to have a paper-cutter (thats just me being obsessive). Then punch some holes in the end and time some ribbon through it to make it into an adorable book. He was smiling the entire time he was reading through it, this was like. let's Have Alone Time (two hours with just the two of you). 50 pages Read More later.