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scale factor, thereby brightening or darkening the scene. You'll probably want to disable how OpenSceneGraph automatically computes the near and far clip planes and set these explicitly, since OSG won't know about the bounds of SilverLining's sky box and its clouds. It does not fog the sky itself - for thicker fog, use Atmosphere:SetHaze for volumetric-style fog, or for exponential fog. Thanks again, very much." - Mitch Polinsky Thank you very much for the kind words Mitch, and for allowing me to share them. . Janine is the SSA Governor for PA-East (PA Region 2) where Fairfield is located.

Details are available on the Services page. Thank you Dale for everything you do and have done for the soaring club, soaring in general, and helping restore vintage aircraft. The winner of the Unlimited Category is crowned the.S. Unlike other cloud layers that will run on pretty much any hardware, stratocumulus clouds do require a system that support Shader Model.0, and a newer GPU that has a fast fragment processor. Details Catalogs You may want to print one of catalogs below and circle or otherwise highlight gifts that you would like to receive from those that love you. After calling DrawObjects(false you may then obtain a list of translucent objects with the Atmosphere:GetObjects call. Recently I have updated the Repairs page with help from feedback on the aring newsgroup. .